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Five Years of Redefining Leadership

Read the annual LAOP Executive Summaries

Embark on a knowledge-rich journey as we invite you to download and explore our meticulously curated executive summaries from the past four years of the LAOP Summit. Gain valuable insights, stay updated with our storytelling, and get a head start in preparing for the upcoming summit:

2022 Summit: Navigating Uncertainty Brochure - An illustrative image featuring the cover of the brochure for the '2022 Summit: Navigating Uncertainty,' offering a glimpse into the informative and transformative content within.
2021 Summit: Individuality Unleashed Brochure - An enticing image displaying the cover of the '2021 Summit: Individuality Unleashed' brochure, inviting viewers to explore the event's theme and contents.
2020 Summit: The Collapse of Standardization Brochure - An eye-catching image featuring the cover of the '2020 Summit: The Collapse of Standardization' brochure, providing a glimpse into the thought-provoking content and discussions held during the event.
2019 Summit: Welcome to the Age of Personalization Brochure - A captivating image revealing the cover of the '2019 Summit: Welcome to the Age of Personalization' brochure, hinting at the innovative concepts and insights explored in the event.

2022 Summit: Navigating Uncertainty

The way leaders approach uncertainty will affect whether or not they’re able to successfully pursue their goals related to ESG, DEI and wellbeing.

In October 2022, leaders gathered at the annual summit to share insights about how to navigate this world of unknowns.

2021 Summit: Individuality Unleashed

You've heard of the great resignation. Several summit participants reject that term as backward-facing.

Once again, 2021 has been a year requiring agility. Our annual Leadership in the Age of Personalization Summit was no exception.

2020 Summit: The Collapse of Standardization

In times of crisis, it is important for leaders to take stock and reevaluate what they stand for.

The 2020 Leadership in the Age of Personalization Virtual Summit was held over three days, with 46 leaders gathering to discuss how they can best navigate the new normal.

2019 Summit: Welcome
to the Age of Personalization

Embracing human dignity actually builds more efficiency – long-term efficiency – which is more valuable than short-term efficiency.

This was the main topic at the 2019 Leadership In The Age Of Personalization summit, in Southern California.